Protecting Your Phone From The NSA

Worried about the government, NSA, or Vault 7 leaks affecting your Windows Phone? Here’s how to tighten your security to prevent unauthorized access of your phone! ( This works with Windows Phone, Android and iPhone )

Okay, let’s be honest here…people have accused “big brother” of spying on us long before Edward Snowden or Vault 7 but people don’t really pay attention to these accusations until something major happens. Don’t be afraid of people spying or having access to your device because big brother only has access to what you allow and give to him/them.

The first thing people think of when someone mentions big brother is, “Recorded Phone Calls” or them “Listening/watching you without permission”. Let’s make this clear, they government does have access to your call logs, messages, voicemails and maybe a couple conversations based on who you’re talking to and what it’s about ( They usually tap your phone when you’re being a criminal ). Phone companies are obligated to hand over customer records for warranted investigations or undercover operations such as stings and or bust’s but that doesn’t mean we can’t control what they see and hear as far as apps and services.

On your Windows Phone ( and android ) you should have privacy options in your settings. These privacy options let you control what apps and services have access to your camera, microphone, calendar and just about everything else. What makes this so important is that fact that hackers and bad guys can take advantage of microphone and camera privileges based on the permissions that you’ve given their app(s) and this is no good. In your privacy settings you want to disable all access to your microphones and other things from apps that don’t need them. Apps that don’t require active internet connections shouldn’t have access to the internet, your calendar or anything else that it doesn’t utilize to enhance the users experience.

Eliminating access to these things prevent hackers and yes, even big brother from using known exploits and zero days to use certain permissions on your device. If you want to stay safe and secure please remember that privacy is a big part of your safety and security. With that being said you should also know that Windows Phones are the SAFEST mobile operating systems available but just because that’s true doesn’t mean you should be careless.