Bose Headphones Listening To everything You Hear

A law suit has been filed against the tech giant Bose alleging the headphone they make are virtual “spy machines”.

Kyle Zak filed the complaint in federal court in Chicago on Tuesday night. At the center of the lawsuit is Bose’s Connect app, which is marketed as an optional companion to a handful of the headphone maker’s newer headphones and speakers, including its acclaimed QuietComfort 35 noise-cancelling headphones.

Chicago-based law firm Edelson PC, which specializes in cases involving technology and consumer privacy, claim the Connect app also “intercepted and collected all available Media Information” from Zak’s smartphone, every time it was opened, after Zak paired the app with his pair of QuietComfort 35s.

The Bose user agreement is vague the lawsuit alleges and while it states in collects and share data with third parties it specifically states it does not build profiles. Profiles like if you were a muslim and listened to call to prayer recordings you could be pigeon holed as a muslim.

We will follow the developments in this case but we suspect that many, many other companies are doing the same. Al in the name of big dtat collection going on all around us everyday.

Also in the news today is Facebook announces mind typing…..project

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Reprinted From DeeperThanDrudge