What Are Black Hat Hackers?

We all know what hackers are and what they do but did you know that there are different types of hackers? Yes, different types of hackers! Well today we’re going to learn about Black Hat hackers and some of the things that they do. 

When you think of the word “Hacker” one of the first things that comes to mind are the words “bad guy”. This is because the media and the internet have a tendency of promoting bad deeds more than good ones and it has completely ruined the hacker image. While many people believe there’s only one type of hacker there are actually a lot of different hackers and they are classified into two main groups, which are known as Black Hat hackers and White Hat hackers. To make things simple, White Hat hackers are the good guys and Black Hat hackers are the bad guys. 

The reason why Black Hat hackers are considered ” Bad Guys” is because they use their skillset and talents for financial gain ( at others expense ), to hurt others and sometimes they use their skillset and talents just for a laugh. Black Hat hackers are the ones that try to break to break into your computers and networks in order to steal secure information such as financial records, credit card numbers, pictures and more. 

Black Hat hackers are also behind some of the biggest cyber crimes in history such as the world’s largest DDOS attack, Ransomware, malicious files and much more. To find out more  about White Hat, Black Hat and other types of hackers checkout this video.  Different Type of Hackers