March For Science On Earth Day Gets Trashy

The streets of DC were littered with trash yesterday following a rally/ protest for science.

The witty signs handpainted on poster board showing support for scientist in the fight on global warming lay scattered on the battlefield.  The mess of the “trashy” protesters will soon be gone but the fight continues across the political divide.  Bill Nye lead the protestors with the battlecry, believe in science give us money. Reporting left leaning media outlets touted the velocity of global warming which is the focal point on the earth day movement to save the planet. The right posted pics of “Trashy” protesters “trash on the streets.

How can I say this in 200 words?

We can protest, we can recycle our trash,  we can and should be vocal in our effort to clean up the mess of evolving as a species humans have made on this beautiful world. We have over populated, over indulged in our resources and over rated our science. We have also over trusted our politicians to “save” it all in our names.

What you should do.

Get informed

Our race to save our planet is a race with many contestants and many, many finish lines. What is a win for one could spell the destruction of others.  Bill Nye  is a pseudo science guy so am I, trust no one listen to many.. The proponents  of both sides of the global warming issue cannot be trusted to report factually  the data and analysis they produce. A  “great” scientist once stated “Once  scientific fact is politicized it becomes skewed  and can not be trusted to be accurate ( Richard Feynman ).

The Good News

We will evolve

The Bad News

Maybe not fast enough

Do your part by becoming your own researcher, it can’t hurt. I will post as many sides of the issue as I can  to help us all not be duped by anyone, soooo stay tuned and

watch your six earthling


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