What Are White Hat Hackers?

In my last article we spoke about Black Hat Hackers and what they do. Today you’re going to learn about White Hat Hackers and what they do.

If you read my last article about Black Hat Hackers then you already know that the main focus of Black Hats is to harm people  for laughs, monetary gain and sometimes for research purposes. Well, White Hats do the exact opposite of Black Hats and I’ll explain what I mean by this. White Hats are known as “Ethical Hackers”. Ethical Hackers practice and use their talents with hacking within legal means which means they do things by the book and ask for consent before doing anything involving hacking.

While Black Hats attack people, White Hats do the opposite by protecting people. A lot of White Hats work for security companies that make anti-viruses and anti malware programs. They also do a lot of work hacking into their own systems ( or a company that gave them permission ), in order for find and close the very same holes that Black Hats might use to break into your computer and harm you.

Most people who go to school for Information Technology, Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking usually start off as White Hat Hackers because they learn about network manipulation and things that hackers could use to potentially damage their system (s). 

If you haven’t already read about Black Hat hackers read about it here and for more information about other types of hackers checkout this video I made!