Windows Takeover On A Global Scale

With the shadowbrokers release of NSA tools last month came something very scary for most Windows users. A file named Eternalblue was included, which was a remote SMBv2 exploit (CVE-2017-0143) that could be used for RCE. This exploit has been used in the now infamous “WannaCry” ransomware that has been sweeping the globe in a massive cyber attack.

On May 12, a security researcher by the name of ‘MalwareTech’ found a unregistered domain within the code, that happened to be its killswitch. With the shutdown of WannaCry many were excited, but it hasn’t ended yet. A new version has been seen spreading around even after friday.

What Are White Hat Hackers?

In my last article we spoke about Black Hat Hackers and what they do. Today you’re going to learn about White Hat Hackers and what they do.

If you read my last article about Black Hat Hackers then you already know that the main focus of Black Hats is to harm people  for laughs, monetary gain and sometimes for research purposes. Well, White Hats do the exact opposite of Black Hats and I’ll explain what I mean by this. White Hats are known as “Ethical Hackers”. Ethical Hackers practice and use their talents with hacking within legal means which means they do things by the book and ask for consent before doing anything involving hacking.

While Black Hats attack people, White Hats do the opposite by protecting people. A lot of White Hats work for security companies that make anti-viruses and anti malware programs. They also do a lot of work hacking into their own systems ( or a company that gave them permission ), in order for find and close the very same holes that Black Hats might use to break into your computer and harm you.

Most people who go to school for Information Technology, Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking usually start off as White Hat Hackers because they learn about network manipulation and things that hackers could use to potentially damage their system (s). 

If you haven’t already read about Black Hat hackers read about it here and for more information about other types of hackers checkout this video I made!

The Five Eyes


James Comey lands in Queensland for five nation top  secret services spying consortium in Australia. CIA Director Mike Pompeo may have been seen as well. The meeting between the five nation including the Aussies, New Zealand, Us and the Brits yearly hook up for the Five Eyes international spy alliance.

Eyes In The Walls

Hacker Groups

One of the topics that will probably be discussed is the wikileaked docs on the nation state spyware that the five eyes group more than likely were involved in producing.

Damage Report Scotty

The group will now have to contend with black hat hackers using nation state spy ware to spy back on the very group that invented it.

A fly on the wall.

Wouldn’t you like to be one on that wall Coders?

Anybody ?

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March For Science On Earth Day Gets Trashy

The streets of DC were littered with trash yesterday following a rally/ protest for science.

The witty signs handpainted on poster board showing support for scientist in the fight on global warming lay scattered on the battlefield.  The mess of the “trashy” protesters will soon be gone but the fight continues across the political divide.  Bill Nye lead the protestors with the battlecry, believe in science give us money. Reporting left leaning media outlets touted the velocity of global warming which is the focal point on the earth day movement to save the planet. The right posted pics of “Trashy” protesters “trash on the streets.

How can I say this in 200 words?

We can protest, we can recycle our trash,  we can and should be vocal in our effort to clean up the mess of evolving as a species humans have made on this beautiful world. We have over populated, over indulged in our resources and over rated our science. We have also over trusted our politicians to “save” it all in our names.

What you should do.

Get informed

Our race to save our planet is a race with many contestants and many, many finish lines. What is a win for one could spell the destruction of others.  Bill Nye  is a pseudo science guy so am I, trust no one listen to many.. The proponents  of both sides of the global warming issue cannot be trusted to report factually  the data and analysis they produce. A  “great” scientist once stated “Once  scientific fact is politicized it becomes skewed  and can not be trusted to be accurate ( Richard Feynman ).

The Good News

We will evolve

The Bad News

Maybe not fast enough

Do your part by becoming your own researcher, it can’t hurt. I will post as many sides of the issue as I can  to help us all not be duped by anyone, soooo stay tuned and

watch your six earthling


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What Are Black Hat Hackers?

We all know what hackers are and what they do but did you know that there are different types of hackers? Yes, different types of hackers! Well today we’re going to learn about Black Hat hackers and some of the things that they do. 

When you think of the word “Hacker” one of the first things that comes to mind are the words “bad guy”. This is because the media and the internet have a tendency of promoting bad deeds more than good ones and it has completely ruined the hacker image. While many people believe there’s only one type of hacker there are actually a lot of different hackers and they are classified into two main groups, which are known as Black Hat hackers and White Hat hackers. To make things simple, White Hat hackers are the good guys and Black Hat hackers are the bad guys. 

The reason why Black Hat hackers are considered ” Bad Guys” is because they use their skillset and talents for financial gain ( at others expense ), to hurt others and sometimes they use their skillset and talents just for a laugh. Black Hat hackers are the ones that try to break to break into your computers and networks in order to steal secure information such as financial records, credit card numbers, pictures and more. 

Black Hat hackers are also behind some of the biggest cyber crimes in history such as the world’s largest DDOS attack, Ransomware, malicious files and much more. To find out more  about White Hat, Black Hat and other types of hackers checkout this video.  Different Type of Hackers

Bose Headphones Listening To everything You Hear

A law suit has been filed against the tech giant Bose alleging the headphone they make are virtual “spy machines”.

Kyle Zak filed the complaint in federal court in Chicago on Tuesday night. At the center of the lawsuit is Bose’s Connect app, which is marketed as an optional companion to a handful of the headphone maker’s newer headphones and speakers, including its acclaimed QuietComfort 35 noise-cancelling headphones.

Chicago-based law firm Edelson PC, which specializes in cases involving technology and consumer privacy, claim the Connect app also “intercepted and collected all available Media Information” from Zak’s smartphone, every time it was opened, after Zak paired the app with his pair of QuietComfort 35s.

The Bose user agreement is vague the lawsuit alleges and while it states in collects and share data with third parties it specifically states it does not build profiles. Profiles like if you were a muslim and listened to call to prayer recordings you could be pigeon holed as a muslim.

We will follow the developments in this case but we suspect that many, many other companies are doing the same. Al in the name of big dtat collection going on all around us everyday.

Also in the news today is Facebook announces mind typing…..project

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My Big Brother Caught The Fresno Killer (alleged)

Fresno city counsel members are grinning after newly installed state of the art gun shot sound detection system alerted police yesterday to the brutal killing of 3 white males in their fine city.


The ShotSpotter gunfire detection system, which uses a network of sensors to “listen” for shots being fired, immediately alerted police to the shooting.

Big brother looking out for all you hackers out there with the loud devices, if they can hear your guns they can probably hear your groans.

Watch your six.



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Protecting Your Phone From The NSA

Worried about the government, NSA, or Vault 7 leaks affecting your Windows Phone? Here’s how to tighten your security to prevent unauthorized access of your phone! ( This works with Windows Phone, Android and iPhone )

Okay, let’s be honest here…people have accused “big brother” of spying on us long before Edward Snowden or Vault 7 but people don’t really pay attention to these accusations until something major happens. Don’t be afraid of people spying or having access to your device because big brother only has access to what you allow and give to him/them.

The first thing people think of when someone mentions big brother is, “Recorded Phone Calls” or them “Listening/watching you without permission”. Let’s make this clear, they government does have access to your call logs, messages, voicemails and maybe a couple conversations based on who you’re talking to and what it’s about ( They usually tap your phone when you’re being a criminal ). Phone companies are obligated to hand over customer records for warranted investigations or undercover operations such as stings and or bust’s but that doesn’t mean we can’t control what they see and hear as far as apps and services.

On your Windows Phone ( and android ) you should have privacy options in your settings. These privacy options let you control what apps and services have access to your camera, microphone, calendar and just about everything else. What makes this so important is that fact that hackers and bad guys can take advantage of microphone and camera privileges based on the permissions that you’ve given their app(s) and this is no good. In your privacy settings you want to disable all access to your microphones and other things from apps that don’t need them. Apps that don’t require active internet connections shouldn’t have access to the internet, your calendar or anything else that it doesn’t utilize to enhance the users experience.

Eliminating access to these things prevent hackers and yes, even big brother from using known exploits and zero days to use certain permissions on your device. If you want to stay safe and secure please remember that privacy is a big part of your safety and security. With that being said you should also know that Windows Phones are the SAFEST mobile operating systems available but just because that’s true doesn’t mean you should be careless.

How I bricked/pwnd my PC.

First off, let me be the first to tell you that this is the first time I’ve written an article like this but it’s extremely helpful, which is why you should keep reading this.

Just a couple of days ago I was doing some work on my computer and decided that it was time for my weekly maintenance. After I got rid of all the unwanted software I had on the computer I started shredding small files, funny pictures and a few other things. Eventually, I worked my way to cleaning the registry and THAT’S when I bricked my computer.

Usually, whenever I clean my registry nothing bad happens and I usually see an increase in computer speed. Today was different… very different. After cleaning ( or purging in this case ) my computer and allowing it to reboot, the computer ended up being stuck in an infinite boot loop! I was perplexed as to why it kept rebooting and let it do so a couple of times before I tried troubleshooting the problem. Now, when you’re stuck in an infinite boot loop most people restore their computer from an earlier point in time, auto repair the computer, boot in safe mode or just re-install their operating system and keep their files. Before you jump the gun, NO, none of these methods worked. I even a tried a few “black hat” methods to get my computer up and running again only to fail ( I really didn’t feel like doing it ).

Now, the best part about this is that I ended up having to delete everything off of my computer and re-installing a fresh copy of Windows. Most people would be bummed out by this and I was for a moment, until I remembered that reinstalling Windows gives you to option to erase and or keep your files while reinstalling. If you remember, earlier I told you that I already tried re-installing Windows and keeping my files keeping my files but unfortunately it didn’t work. I started to realize that my Windows and Windows.old folders were on the main hard drive while my secondary internal hard drive was where all my significant files were.

What made this so special and important you ask? This is important because me putting all of my work files on a secondary hard dive saved me from deleting it all when my computer messed up. When you erase your files and restore your computer you only erase the files that were on the same drive that your version of Windows was installed on.

How to properly secure your Windows 10 Computer

Are you tired of that annoying message about your Anti-Virus? Are you curious about hackers and how to prevent them from getting into your computer? If so then you’ve come to the right place.

This process works for all Windows Operating Systems but we’re going to be focusing on Windows 10 today, since it’s the latest and most updated os.

1 – Trashing Unwanted Programs

One of the main things the average person forgets to do is remove forgotten or unwanted programs and it’s a VERY big deal. This is a big deal because not only do these programs take away your space but they also pose a threat to your security because they’re not being updated. Outdated software is one of the easiest targets for hackers that want to compromise your computer.


In order to remove unwanted programs you’re going to work your way to the control panel. Control Panel can be opened by right clicking the start button and selecting control panel. If you’re trying to get there from your settings then all you have to do is type control panel in the search bar. Pretty simple right? Once you’re at Control Panel, you’re going to click on “Uninstall a program” under “Programs”.


If you followed my instructions then in front of you should be a list of programs you have on your computer. Start by clicking on a program or software you don’t use anymore and you should have the option to “Uninstall” it. Go ahead and do this with all the programs you downloaded but don’t use or update anymore. This will help you prevent hackers from getting into your outdated programs as well as save space on your computer.

2 – Anti-Virus and Windows Security

While uninstalling unwanted and outdated programs play a big part in securing your computer, there’s still two more important steps required to fully secure your computer. 9 times out of 10 a store bought or factory reset computer comes with a pre-installed anti-virus that helps defend and protect your computer from malicious files and people.


Lets work on making sure we have a clean anti-virus and the right settings enabled to prevent viruses and other things from infecting your computer.


First things first, let’s make sure a few settings are enabled/disabled by going to your settings and clicking on Privacy. Once there you want you make sure SmartScreen Filter is enabled and can scan URL’s. You’ll also want to check your privacy settings for your Microphone, Location, Camera, Contacts, Calendar and anything else you might want to take a look at. Checking these settings prevents certain applications and programs from having access to your camera, microphone and other information that could be used to hurt you or invade your privacy.


Now that we’ve tweaked some of our settings to give us more privacy and security let’s work on getting a fresh working anti-virus for your computer. We need this because it will detect harmful files, emails, links and activities that you might not notice right away. Most computers come with Norton, McAfee or AVG anti-viruses, but today we’re going to get a new one. There are ton’s of Anti-Viruses made to protect you, ones like Kaspersky, Avast, McAfee, AVG, Windows Defender and many more. All you have to do is go to your search engine of choice ( Mine is ) and type in which anti-virus program you want to download. Don’t worry, you can always compare anti-viruses to see which is better, but once you’ve done that you want to go to the official site that provides the software and download the trial version of the software.


Now that you’ve downloaded the trial version of your favorite anti-virus you’re going to have to repeat the first step and uninstall your previous anti-virus. You’re uninstalling your old one so your new one won’t have any issues with the last one. After uninstalling the old one you’re going to install the new one and restart your computer. This should provide you with a brand new anti-virus that will protect, scan and keep your computer safe to an extent.

3 – Practicing Safe Computer Habits

Believe it or not having an anti-virus, tweaked settings and secure programs isn’t all you need to safe while browsing the internet or working on your computer. The biggest security risk to your computer and personal information is you, the user!


In order to completely be secure you have to practice safe computer habits. Computer habits are just like real life habits and are things that we do because we’re so used to doing them. Things like checking emails without looking at who they’re from, downloading programs and files without checking to see if they are legitimate and safe, visiting websites or using online services from fraudulent companies that are out to get you. In order to stay as secure as possible you’ll have to pay more attention to emails that may contain harmful files, ignore ads that persuade you, download programs from trusted sources and make sure the websites you visit are safe, clean and have good ratings. While these are only a few ways to stay secure on the internet, the job is ultimately up to you, so please practice safe computer habits and thanks for reading!

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