What Are White Hat Hackers?

In my last article we spoke about Black Hat Hackers and what they do. Today you’re going to learn about White Hat Hackers and what they do.

If you read my last article about Black Hat Hackers then you already know that the main focus of Black Hats is to harm people  for laughs, monetary gain and sometimes for research purposes. Well, White Hats do the exact opposite of Black Hats and I’ll explain what I mean by this. White Hats are known as “Ethical Hackers”. Ethical Hackers practice and use their talents with hacking within legal means which means they do things by the book and ask for consent before doing anything involving hacking.

While Black Hats attack people, White Hats do the opposite by protecting people. A lot of White Hats work for security companies that make anti-viruses and anti malware programs. They also do a lot of work hacking into their own systems ( or a company that gave them permission ), in order for find and close the very same holes that Black Hats might use to break into your computer and harm you.

Most people who go to school for Information Technology, Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking usually start off as White Hat Hackers because they learn about network manipulation and things that hackers could use to potentially damage their system (s). 

If you haven’t already read about Black Hat hackers read about it here and for more information about other types of hackers checkout this video I made!

What Are Black Hat Hackers?

We all know what hackers are and what they do but did you know that there are different types of hackers? Yes, different types of hackers! Well today we’re going to learn about Black Hat hackers and some of the things that they do. 

When you think of the word “Hacker” one of the first things that comes to mind are the words “bad guy”. This is because the media and the internet have a tendency of promoting bad deeds more than good ones and it has completely ruined the hacker image. While many people believe there’s only one type of hacker there are actually a lot of different hackers and they are classified into two main groups, which are known as Black Hat hackers and White Hat hackers. To make things simple, White Hat hackers are the good guys and Black Hat hackers are the bad guys. 

The reason why Black Hat hackers are considered ” Bad Guys” is because they use their skillset and talents for financial gain ( at others expense ), to hurt others and sometimes they use their skillset and talents just for a laugh. Black Hat hackers are the ones that try to break to break into your computers and networks in order to steal secure information such as financial records, credit card numbers, pictures and more. 

Black Hat hackers are also behind some of the biggest cyber crimes in history such as the world’s largest DDOS attack, Ransomware, malicious files and much more. To find out more  about White Hat, Black Hat and other types of hackers checkout this video.  Different Type of Hackers

How I bricked/pwnd my PC.

First off, let me be the first to tell you that this is the first time I’ve written an article like this but it’s extremely helpful, which is why you should keep reading this.

Just a couple of days ago I was doing some work on my computer and decided that it was time for my weekly maintenance. After I got rid of all the unwanted software I had on the computer I started shredding small files, funny pictures and a few other things. Eventually, I worked my way to cleaning the registry and THAT’S when I bricked my computer.

Usually, whenever I clean my registry nothing bad happens and I usually see an increase in computer speed. Today was different… very different. After cleaning ( or purging in this case ) my computer and allowing it to reboot, the computer ended up being stuck in an infinite boot loop! I was perplexed as to why it kept rebooting and let it do so a couple of times before I tried troubleshooting the problem. Now, when you’re stuck in an infinite boot loop most people restore their computer from an earlier point in time, auto repair the computer, boot in safe mode or just re-install their operating system and keep their files. Before you jump the gun, NO, none of these methods worked. I even a tried a few “black hat” methods to get my computer up and running again only to fail ( I really didn’t feel like doing it ).

Now, the best part about this is that I ended up having to delete everything off of my computer and re-installing a fresh copy of Windows. Most people would be bummed out by this and I was for a moment, until I remembered that reinstalling Windows gives you to option to erase and or keep your files while reinstalling. If you remember, earlier I told you that I already tried re-installing Windows and keeping my files keeping my files but unfortunately it didn’t work. I started to realize that my Windows and Windows.old folders were on the main hard drive while my secondary internal hard drive was where all my significant files were.

What made this so special and important you ask? This is important because me putting all of my work files on a secondary hard dive saved me from deleting it all when my computer messed up. When you erase your files and restore your computer you only erase the files that were on the same drive that your version of Windows was installed on.

Security and you 01


With all the recent leaks over the pst few months (such as the vault 7 leak). Many are left wondering just how secure they are. We at hackernews have planned on starting this series for a while but have been holding off, however recent events make it appear people want to be secure now more then ever.

Ok so before we get into how to secure ourselves and our personal data we have to understand what being secure really means and what we have to sacrifice. First off you have to understand that no one can be invisible on the internet no matter what you measures you go through there will always be proof of you existing somewhere, thats just the way the internet works.

However what we can do though is make it hard for websites we visit, or even intelligence agencies to track us through use of various techniques such as not allowing java-script in our browsers or using end-to-end encryption for the messages we send. Next we will be going over a few of the recent leaks and how we potentially are insecure along with so misconceptions that seem to be going around in the next post. Make sure to come back as we continue the series!!

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