Security and you 01


With all the recent leaks over the pst few months (such as the vault 7 leak). Many are left wondering just how secure they are. We at hackernews have planned on starting this series for a while but have been holding off, however recent events make it appear people want to be secure now more then ever.

Ok so before we get into how to secure ourselves and our personal data we have to understand what being secure really means and what we have to sacrifice. First off you have to understand that no one can be invisible on the internet no matter what you measures you go through there will always be proof of you existing somewhere, thats just the way the internet works.

However what we can do though is make it hard for websites we visit, or even intelligence agencies to track us through use of various techniques such as not allowing java-script in our browsers or using end-to-end encryption for the messages we send. Next we will be going over a few of the recent leaks and how we potentially are insecure along with so misconceptions that seem to be going around in the next post. Make sure to come back as we continue the series!!

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